Welcome to Coldwell Drilling Co. Australasia

Coldwell Drilling Co. Australasia is the trading name for Ubishla Pty Limited (A.C.N. fax010 683 468).

Since commencing operations in 1978 at the Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine, Coldwell Drilling Co. Australasia has grown and diversified. Today Coldwell Drilling Company Australasia provides employment to many personnel, including administrative, fully trained maintenance staff and blast hole drillers. With our modern and versatile fleet of varied equipment we are able to provide our clients with a superior level of service and expertise. We always strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our company has worked on regional mine and quarry sites primarily in the eastern states of Australia. We have successfully completed contracts in and around the Hunter Valley, Central Queensland including Blackwater, Emerald and Moura. Recently we have commenced work on an exciting project in the Solomon Islands which underpins our company's ability to meet client demands both domestically and abroad.

Our Experience & Major Projects

Coldwell Drilling's greatest strength is its ability to operate successfully in a wide range of situation; with expert technicians trained in all aspects of Drilling and Blasting in Civil Works, Quarrying, Dam Construction, Mining, Exploration and Ground Stabilisation.

Coldwell Drilling is proud to be associated with many companies within the mining and resource sector including:

  • BMA
  • Anglo American
  • BHP
  • Xstrata
  • Mining, Civil Works, Quarrying, Dam Construction, Exploration and Ground Stabilisation

    Our Mission

    Our Mission at Coldwell Drilling is to ensure our team remains highly motivated and dedicated; committed to achieving success by working together towards common goals in an environment conducive to productivity, personal growth and development. We aim to provide our customers with excellent service and products and to operate our business in a professional manner that develops rewards for both the Company and its people, while providing value and support to our customers.